... dirty laundry ...

time to air out your dirty laundry, clear those old skeletons out of the closet, and just get the load off of your chest. all comments made to this entry MUST BE ANONYMOUS, unless you just really want to incriminate yourself.

post your deepest darkest secrets, flaws, confessions, etc. in the comments, anonymously - no trying to guess whose is whose, that*s rude, and no getting all mean and catty about the confessions guys.

comment as many times as you want with whatever you want, but please only with confessions, no flooding with pointless crap.

nothing will be screened.
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... been gone soooo long ...

well, i've been gone from here a LONG time.
lots of things have changed.

in lieu of that, i've decided to create a new livejournal & start fresh.
if you'd still like to be my friend, please add xxmisstoshaxx

much love & i hope to hear from you all soon.
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... where in the world could i be ...


... you can find me here ...


then there`s my baby girl ~ ♥ 03.18.03 ♥


..::pLuS::.. you can e-mail me here :


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